Mermaid’s Song by Stacy Claflin

Mermaid’s Song Mara is a teen mermaid who has grown up on land but is forced to return to the sea when her banished family is beckoned back as king, queen, and princess. Threats to their family stability, their throne, […]

Book Review: Wake by Amanda Hocking

Wake Gemma is a beautiful and talented 16-year-old who lives for the pool and coast. When three mysterious girls insist on an impromptu night out, Gemma’s life will never be the same. Favorites: The main characters and family dynamic are […]

Book Review: Stepsister by Jennifer Donnelly

Stepsister Isabelle, one of the beautiful Ella’s ugly step sisters, must learn to accept herself to change her fate with help of the Fairy Queen and the Marquis de la Chance. Favorites: As a child and teen, I was an […]

Book Review: Silence by Demelza Carlton

SilenceA young princess battles with her own desires and the sins of her brothers. Favorites: The end was darker than I expected but pretty satisfying. Least Favorites: I didn’t find this story particularly creative or intriguing. I disliked the audiobook […]

Book Review: A Song Below Water by Bethany Morrow

A Song Below Water by Bethany Water Two girls in Portland, Oregon try to survive turbulent race issues, identity, creature prejudice, and difficult relationships in modern day’s time of police brutality against the black community and within a world that […]

Book Review: Blood and Salt by Kim Ligget

Blood and Salt Favorites: The worldbuilding and magic system are really cool! It was well written with an appropriate balance of description and action. Least Favorites: The twist was a bit predictable because I guessed it. I’m not a fan […]

Book Review: Monstrous Beauty by Elizabeth Fama

Monstrous BeautyHester, an east coast 17-year-old, believes that she will never be able to safely love until she meets a mysterious stranger and learns about the murky, underwater history of the women in her family and their untimely deaths. Favorites: […]

The Penny Drops is Published!

Today is the day! The Penny Drops is finally available in ebook form at all of the retailers at the below link as well as in paperback on Amazon! From conception to publication in 6 months! I can’t believe […]

Book Review: Labirynth Lost by Zoraida Cordova

A 17-year-old girl fights to save her family after a spell to set her free of her magic goes wrong. Favorites: The worldbuilding in this is incredible. I can understand why the sci-fi great, Ursula Le Guin, praised this book. […]