Book Review: Rebel by Marie Lu


Eden and Daniel Wing have acclimated to high society in Antarctica as best they can. Just as Eden prepares for an internship in the Republic, he is offered an opportunity and given a terrible choice. Will the two brothers stand by each other and defeat the crime Lord of Ross City, or will this final challenge prove too much for the Wings.


  • I loved the addition of Eden as a POV character.
  • The plethora of dystopia was poignant. I appreciated the commentary on poverty in Antarctica. It truly takes do little to lose everything.
  • The villain was complex and relatable. It was hard to see him as the bad guy on several occasions.
  • The relationship between the brothers was realistic and kept me invested.
  • I really liked the romances in this book.
  • I really liked one element of the ending. Guess which one. ❤️

Least Favorites:

  • The ending felt a bit rushed, and it left me wanting another book. Not sure if there are plans for another or not. I hope so because I’m pretty invested in the lives of the Wing brothers at this point.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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