Book Review: Prodigy by Marie Lu


Two prodigies from the upper and lower classes of the Republic, on opposite sides of a war, escape one regime for another and must fight to find what is right in the corruption in which they’ve always lived.


  • In the interest of providing reviews of a variety of books, I don’t normally read and review books in a series in quick succession, but I had to make an exception after enjoying book one so much.
  • Another example of Marie Lu’s command on the craft.
  • Perfectly paced. Hints and mysteries revealed at the best moments to support tension and engagement.
  • Excellent story line for a second book in a series. Balanced between a satisfying ending for this volume and a lead-in to book three.
  • The characters shined, and the complexity of the romance is realistic to the story.
  • The dystopian elements of the world and social commentary were poignant especially in current times with the BLM movement and protests as well as the ccoronavirus.

Least Favorites:

  • No complaints whatsoever. I sped through without a thought against the story.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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