Book Review: Lost Voices by Sarah Porter

Synopsis: When a 14-year-old orphan girl nearly escapes more severe abuse than she’s experienced before, she finds herself transforming into a new creature just off the Alaska coastline. As a mermaid, she finds a tribe and battles with her own powerful voice, her sense of right and wrong, and the desires that drive them. She even has to challenge her tribe to save herself and her one true friend.


⚠️ This book dealt with some haunting topics like depression, suicide, and rape in a sensitive and illuminating way, breaching these issues in a way that is approachable for many teen readers.

The character development and variable personalities were impressive, and I felt connected to each of the mermaids throughout the book. Plus, the antagonist is a perfect “love-to-hate” kind of character.

The tension and pacing kept me curious, and I could barely stand to stop each time I had to.

Least Favorites:

The cliffhanger ending!!! I know this is good writing for a trilogy, but I hadn’t planned on reading book 2 immediately. Now I have to. 😋