Book Review: Black Girl Unlimited by Echo Brown

Black Girl Unlimited

Echo’s life changes as a young girl when she learns that she is a wizard like her mother. While life challenges her with traumatic events and tragedy, her miracles and the advice of her mother inspire her to stay lifted through it all.


  • First of all, I love that the audiobook was narrated by the author.
  • The concept of a memoir with fantasy elements drew me in immediately. It created a completely unique reading experience to me.
  • The author’s writing style was poetic and meaningful. One of the early lines gave me goosebumps. “Each day, I rise from the dead.”
  • The difficult themes including racism, childhood trauma, and poverty were explored with great sensitivity and authenticity. The main character’s voice was beautiful, moving, and effective in communicating this human experience.
  • Wizardry as a metaphor for resiliency was elegant and eloquent. The fantasy element kept things interesting and the deeper meaning kept me connected to the characters.
  • The tension was incredible and evasive, the relationships were complex, and the characters were all round and well-developed.
  • The structure was intriguing with dreams and memories overlapping current moments. The relationship between past and present that this established felt poignant given how aware the characters were of how their pasts shaped them.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this book. While some of the content is a bit mature for some teens, it provided great insight into important issues.

Least Favorites:

  • This book needed to come with a trigger warning. While the passages were moving, if you’re an empath or have suffered childhood trauma, you may not be able to finish this.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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